Research areas: Ancient philosophies, Medieval philosophies, early modern philosophies, contemporary philosophies, ethics, applied ethics, political philosophy, theory of knowledge, metaphysics, aesthetics.


Level of the program: Master

Duration of the program: 4 semesters

Registered in: EU

Credits: 120


Who can apply?

Everyone interested in philosophy, primarily in the Continental tradition (phenomenology, hermeneutics, metaphysics, history of philosophy).

Application requirements:

BA degree in Philosophy. Any undergraduate (BA, BSc) or graduate (MA, MSc, LLM) degree, with minimum 50 credits in philosophy; a demonstrated proficiency in English (C1/Advanced); an individual interview (online).

Start of the program: September of each year

Tuition fee: EUR 1900 per semester  

Other fees: EUR 35 application fee and EUR 250 entrance exam fee


Contact: Dr. habil. József Simon

Further information:

Stipendium Hungaricum