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Educational sciences show the most dynamic progress among social sciences, primarily because knowledge has become the dominant factor of economic competitiveness and social development in recent decades, in a process in which the reproduction of knowledge attracts growing attention. In the most advanced regions of the world, resources, infrastructure and human capital allocated for research on learning and instruction are increasing. The dynamic progress creates a need for experts in research on learning and instruction in Europe as well.
The Doctoral School of History held the title of “Place of Excellence” from 2006 for three years.
Educational Programmes: Altaic Studies, English Applied Linguistics, French Linguistics, German Linguistics, Hungarian Linguistics, Russian Linguistics, Slavic Historical Linguistics, Theoretical Linguistics, Uralis Studies
The School was founded in 1994, by Professor Lajos Csetri, Department of Classical Hungarian Literature. Integrating contemporary Hungarian and international trends, Professor Csetri erected the School on the finest traditions of literary scholarship in Szeged. The diverse theoretical traditions have been engaded in a productive cooperation within the organisational framework of the School ever since.
The School was founded in 2007 by Professor Dezső Csejtei, Department of Philosophy. Our program is an integral development of nearly a century’s tradition of philosophical research at the University of Szeged with its focus on the history of Continental philosophy from the Greeks to 20th century currents of philosophy such as hermeneutics and phenomenology.

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