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The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Szeged is one of the most prominent institutes offering training in the humanities and social sciences in Hungary. Its broad training range provides access to 15 undergraduate and 40 graduate programmes (of which 16 are teacher training programmes) – the opportunity for the students to immerse themselves in different fields is guaranteed by several optional specializations and professional courses.


The scientific acclaim of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Szeged is not only shown by the great variety of the courses it offers, but also by the fact that its 5 doctoral schools offer as many as 33 programmes to obtain a PhD after successfully completing doctoral studies. One of our foremost objectives is to train people who can contribute to the building of our community and the maintenance of our environment as responsible intellectuals of the future. To achieve this, it is paramount to familiarize ourselves with our historical legacy and traditions, while remaining open and maintaining curiosity towards the cultures of both Europe and the world.


The latter is greatly supported by the wide range of language learning opportunities (our institute offers courses in 13 languages), classes that are taught in foreign languages and programmes conducted in collaboration with universities abroad. The high ranking academic accomplishments of our teachers pave the way for our students to international humanities research: every year hundreds of our students travel abroad to enjoy the opportunity of studying in one of more than 130 partner institutes. The high ranking achievements of our students on the National Conference of Student's Scholarly Circles bears witness to their academic excellence and positions our Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in the leading ranks of Hungarian humanities research.

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