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Philosophy (MA)

The aim of this program is twofold: first, to give an in-depth overview of philosophy and second, to prepare students for doctoral studies. Master's studies require a basic knowledge of both the history and the main disciplines of philosophy. In the program we offer courses covering the following fields: history of philosophy, metaphysics, theory of knowledge, ethics and political philosophy, phenomenology, and philosophy of mind. Tutorial consultations throughout the program provide students with the opportunity of pursuing customized research work in their specific fields of interest. The training also provides skills in research methodology necessary for doctoral studies.


Research areas: Ancient philosophies, Medieval philosophies, early modern philosophies, contemporary philosophies, ethics, applied ethics, political philosophy, theory of knowledge, metaphysics, aesthetics.


Level of the program: Master

Duration of the program: 4 semesters

Registered in: EU

Credits: 120


Who can apply?

Everyone interested in philosophy, primarily in the Continental tradition (phenomenology, hermeneutics, metaphysics, history of philosophy).

Application requirements: Any undergraduate (BA, BSc) or graduate (MA, MSc, LLM) degree, and a minimum background in philosophy (candidates who do not have a BA degree in Philosophy must obtain 20 extra credit points covering the major areas and problems of the history of philosophy); a demonstrated proficiency in English (B2/Individual user); an individual interview (online).


Start of the program: September of each year

Tuition fee: EUR 1900 per semester (Please kindly note that after being accepted, non-EU applicants will need to pay 2 semesters' tuition fee together for the first academic year. For further information you can contact us at: internationaloffice.btk@szte.hu)

Other fees: EUR 35 application fee (non-refundable) and EUR 250 entrance exam fee (non-refundable)

For more information please contact Tamás Pavlovits via email at pavlo@philo.u-szeged.hu, or call +36 62 544 537 regarding the application process or details of the programme

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