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Italian Studies (BA)

BA Italian Studies

Study program:

BA in Italian Studies offers academic teaching concerning Italian language, literature and culture, starting

from the origins until present times, focusing as well onto social and economical aspects. Both practice and

theory are aimed at giving the student the capacity of writing a BA thesis on his/her own, about a topic of

literary or cultural interest. Those students who choose BA in Italian Studies might find career opportunities

in: public administration, cultural services, teaching, translation, interpreter services, journalism, editorial

market, diplomacy, international relations, tourism.

Academic level: BA

Duration of program: 6 semesters

University credit: 180

Registered: in the E.U.

Who can join?

We are looking for students interested in Italian culture and Italian literature, wanting to learn more about

Italy and her role in the Mediterranean and wanting to work with Italian.

Prior requirements: high-school level diplom and at least B2 level language diplom (according to CEFR), as

well as an online interview

Beginning of the program: February and September

Costs: 1500 EUR each semester

Subscription tax: 35 EUR, and entry-test tax: 250 EUR (non refundables)

For further information, please contact Dr. Lorenzo Marmiroli (marmiroli.lorenzo@szte.hu) or via

telephone +36-62-544375

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