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History (PhD) In English, in German, in French and in Turkish

About the programme

The Doctoral School is built on four different programmes: Ancient History, Medieval Studies, Modern History, and Comparative and Contemporary History. The programmes focus on: the history of the Roman Empire and ancient India, the history of Hungary in the pre-medieval era and the Middle Ages, the history and archaeology of the Eurasian Steppe, early-modern Hungarian history, Habsburg and Ottoman relations, the history of the Mediterranean world and contemporary social and political history. Research areas cover cultural studies, paleography of scripts in several languages, history of popular culture, history of ideas, history of political thought, historiography.

Many of our graduates achieved fellowships at various universities, research centres and in departments of different universities; others hold highly valued positions in government offices and in public education.

Language of the program: English, German, French, Turkish

Level of the programme: PhD

Duration of the programme: 4+4 semesters

Registered in: EU

Credits: 240

Who should apply?

We expect applicants to be interested in the modern approaches of the research of history. We recommend our programmes to students who have proficiency in the classical and modern languages and have thorough knowledge in intercultural relations.

Application requirements: MA degree, a demonstrated proficiency in English (B2/Intermediate), a letter of motivation, research plan, and/or other languages as required by the specific sub-programme and an individual interview online.

Start of the programme: September of each year

Tuition fee: 3500 EUR

Other fee: 35 EUR application fee and 250 EUR entrance exam fee

For further information please contact Prof. Dr. Sándor Papp at papps@hist.u-szeged.hu or call (+36) 62 544464 regarding the application process or details of the programme.

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