Linguistics (PhD)

About the programme

The educational programs of the Doctoral School of Linguistics provide students with theoretical and methodological knowledge necessary for doing research into the theoretical, historical, typological and applied aspects of linguistics as well as writing scholarly papers and a PhD dissertation. In the programs basic theoretical subfields of linguistics are introduced such as phonology, syntax, semantics, sociolinguistics and/or applied sciences in language teaching, research methods, writing papers and a PhD dissertation. Rigorous coursework includes learning about theoretical issues and research directions, and it develops critical thinking, and various abilities of analysing and processing information.

There is also a focus on developing skills to identify and solve scholarly problems, carry out research, and prepare publications. Graduates usually choose their careers in academic disciplines, teaching and translation.

The programmes of the doctoral school are the following (applicants have to apply to a specific program):

a) Altaic Studies – in English,

b) English Applied Linguistics – in English,

c) German Linguistics – in German,

d) Hungarian Linguistics – in Hungarian,

e) Russian Linguistics - in Russian,

f) Slavic Historical Studies – in Russian,

g) Theoretical Linguistics - in English or in Hungarian, and

h) Uralic Studies - in English or in Hungarian


Level of the programme: PhD

Duration of the programme: 4 + 4 semesters

Registered in: EU

Credits: 240


Who should apply?

We expect applicants to be interested in theoretical, historical, typological and applied issues of languages and it is an advantage if the applicant has a Hungarian language and literature MA, Foreign languages MA, Theoretical/Applied Linguistics MA.

Application requirements: MA degree, at least B2/intermediate level proficiency certified by an accredited language examination or otherwise (for language proficiency requirements specific to the educational programmes please click here) a research proposal and an individual interview (online).

Start of the programme: September of each year

Tuition fee: 3,500 EUR per semester

Other fees: 35 EUR application fee and 250 EUR entrance exam fee


For further details of the programme please click here. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Assoc. Professor Károly Bibok CSc via email at or call +36 (62) 343-041.

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