Survival Hungarian

a kurzus adatai

a kurzus címe

Survival Hungarian

az oktató neve

dr. Árvay Anett

a kurzus kódja


az óra helye


az óra időpontja


a kurzus leírása

rövid (300–500 karakteres) szöveges leírás

This course is offered for those students who would like to start learning Hungarian as a foreign language, however, they do not need or wish to learn it intensively. In this class students can learn phrases that they need in everyday life to ‘survive’ in different situations they encounter, e.g. introducing themselves, going to the market, shopping, buying tickets, ordering food and drinks, asking for directions, etc.

Students are encouraged to compose short dialogues and act them out during the classes.

To foster vocabulary learning, students are given handouts and a Quizlet group will be set up for individual practice.


részletes (hetekre bontott) tematika

Topics: introducing yourself, the Hungarian alphabet, vowel harmony, conjugating the verb to be, countries and nationalities, numbers, basic adjectives, -ban/-ben suffix


a jegy/aláírás megszerzésének feltétele és módja

1)  Midterm test and Final test (40-40%).

2)  Short vocabulary tests (10%) and class participation (10%)

kötelező olvasmányok (ha vannak)

Main coursebook: Durst, Péter: Lépésenként magyarul-Első lépés. Szeged, 2017.

Students will be provided with photocopied course material as well.

ajánlott olvasmányok (ha vannak)