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Dr. Suszczynska Malgorzata

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Pragmatics is a user-oriented perspective on language. The course covers basic concepts that traditionally belong to the field, approaching them from a socio-pragmatic perspective and focusing on interactive, goal-oriented and strategic practices of language users. Thus, the course addresses selected theoretical issues such (speech act theory, Gricean pragmatics, models of linguistic politeness), reviews research methods, and overviews empirical work in the field (cross/intercultural pragmatics, variational pragmatics, pragmatics and gender, teaching pragmatics). The course ends in a written exam.


  1. Defining pragmatics
  2. Reference and indexicality
  3. Speech Acts: Basic concepts
  4. Speech acts and indirectness
  5. Gricean pragmatics: Cooperative Principle
  6. Gricean pragmatics: implicature
  7. Conversational analysis: the structure of mundane conversation
  8. Conversation analysis: talk in institutional settings
  9. Linguistic politeness: theories and approaches
  10. Pragmatics of impoliteness, conflict and power
  11. Gender and pragmatics
  12. Cross-cultural and intercultural pragmatics: objectives, methods and research
  13. Variational pragmatics 
  14. Interlanguage pragmatics: pragmatic transfer and failure in S/FLA




Requirements to get the grade

Requirements include regular attendance, active participation in classroom discussions based on reading assignments, one classroom presentation on a selected topic, and a final written assignment (a short literature review or a small research project).

Reading list

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Suggested reading list

Verschueren, J., 1999, Understanding pragmatics, London: Edward Arnold.

Leech, G.N., 1983, Principles of pragmatics, London: Longman.

Levinson, S.C., 1983, Pragmatics, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.