Models of self-regulation and personal growth

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Models of self-regulation and personal growth

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Dr. Tamás Martos, Dr. Viola Sallay

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Institute of Psychology

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The course presents theoretical and practical aspects of the (emotional) self-regulation as a basic human function. The spatial-temporal-relational model of self-regulation will be used as an integrative framework for interpreting the experiences of personal growth. At the core of the course is the experiential learning process through assessment and interpretation of the Personal Growth Interview.

The course is open only for Psychology students.

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Basic concepts of self-regulation and personal growth

The Personal Growth Interview – assessment and interpretation

Spatial context of self-regulation: restorative places, environmental psychological aspects of the family home

Temporal context of self-regulation: goals and personal projects, identity development and life naratives, post-traumatic growth

Relational context of self-regulation: self-determination theory, dyadic coping with stress


a jegy/aláírás megszerzésének feltétele és módja

Administration of the Personal Growth Interview - a semi-structured interview with a healthy adult person

Detailed summary on the interview

Oral exam based on the Readings and the analysis of the Personal Growth Interview

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