Introduction to Applied Linguistics

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Introduction to Applied Linguistics


Dr. Donald W. Peckham

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Kristó Gyula terem


Monday 12-14

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This lecture course surveys some of the basic issues and areas which fall under the broad heading of "applied linguistics". Topics to be covered include: multicompetence, foreign language learning and teaching, bilingual education, language policy and planning, World Englishes, language and the law, and research methods. The course will look at applied linguistics not only from the “linguistics applied” point of view, but will also present applied linguistics as a distinct branch of linguistics.



1. Introductions and definitions; historical review

2. Grammar and vocabulary in AL

3. Second language acquisition I

4. Second language acquisition II

5. Focus on the language learner

6. Language teaching methodology

7. Bilingual education and psycholinguistics

8. Sociolinguistics

9. World Englishes I

10. World Englishes II

11. Discourse analysis; Pragmatics

12. Language and the law

13. Research methods; writing up research;

14. Conclusions and review for the exam



Fall 2018


Requirements to get the grade

Final exam

Reading list

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