Introduction to Hungarian Jewish Studies

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Introduction to Hungarian Jewish Studies


Norbert Glässer

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XSE 021–


4 credits


Bálint Sándor lecture room


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Course description

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During the course students will get a general insight into the history of the Hungarian Jewish Studies. We get acquainted with historical, folklore and anthropological approaches.


  1. History of Hungarian Jewish Studies
  2. Modernity and communities
  3. Jewish denominational press and Jewish group strategies
  4. Jewish folklore in Hungary
  5. Cultural anthropological research and Hungarian Jewry


autumn 2018/2019


Requirements to get the grade

Students should write an essay or take an exam.

Reading list

Schieber, Alexander 1985: Essays on Jewish Folklore and Comparative Literature. Literature about the Wissenschaft des Judentums.

Hasan-Rokem, Galit 2005: Jewish Folklore and Ethnography In: Martin Goodman (ed.): The Oxford Handbook of Jewish Studies. New York, 956–973.

Hyman, Paula E. 1993: Traditionism and Village Jews in 19th-Century Western and Central Europe: Local Persistence and Urban Nostalgia. In: Jack Wertheimer (ed.): The Uses of Tradition. Jewish Continuity in the Modern Era. The Jewish Theological Seminary of America, New York–Jerusalem, 191–201.

Kirshenblatt-Gimblett, Barbara 1998: Exhibiting Jews = Desitnation Culture. Tourism, Museums and Heritage. Berkely–Los Angeles–London, 79–89.

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