Hungarian History until 1848

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Hungarian History until 1848


Dr. Péter DURST

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XSE031-00229, YSE_BTK011-00535




Petőfi Building, Room 7 (4th floor)



Course description

Short description

The course is designed for international students who would like to get an overview of Hungarian history from the beginning to 1848. The course concentrates on the most important turning points and some special aspects of Hungarian history and places it in a wider, international context. The lectures will be accompanied by students’ presentations, which should be connected to Hungarian history but may cover a wide variety of topics (interesting historical personalities, art, international relations etc.).


Major Topics

1. The Origin of the Hungarians

2. The Landtaking

3. The Foundation of the Hungarian Kingdom

4. Kings from the House of Árpád

5. The Turkish Occupation

6. Hungary and the Habsburg Empire, The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy

7. Ethnic minorities and religions in Hungary

8. The 1848 Revolution and War of independence


2018 Fall


Requirements to get the grade

Final exam (70 %)

Presentation (30%)

Reading list

Kontler, László 1999. Millenium in Central Europe. Budapest: Atlantisz Publishing House

Lázár, István 1997. HUNGARY – A Brief History. Budapest: Corvina

Suggested reading list