Hungarian Folklore and Music

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Hungarian Folklore and Music

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dr. Árvay Anett

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Petőfi sgt. 30-34. Room 7. Floor 4.

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Folklore and music are two important hallmarks of Hungarian culture. Although there is no more living folklore in Hungary, heritage culture is an important part of daily life as well as tourism. This survey course introduces the students to the basic notions of Hungarian ethnography with a special interest in the cultural production of Hungarian rural civilization. As a continuation, the course gives a brief outline of the major chapters of Hungarian music history focusing especially on those aspects which demonstrate the strong mutual inspiration of Hungarian folk and high music (Liszt, Bartók, Kodály).


részletes (hetekre bontott) tematika

1.Folklore on display and folklore assimilated. Living folklore in Transylvania.

2.Historical layers in Hungarian folklore.

3.Social and material anthropology: society, environment, architecture, costumes, ornamental art.

4.Cultural anthropology: the peasant world view, folk beliefs.

5.Cultural anthropology: folk customs

6-7.Cultural anthropology: folk literature and folk music.

8.Hungarian folk dances in an European context.

9.Hungarian music in the 18th century (Pál Esterházy, Austrian influence, the Verbunkos as Hungarian national style).

10.Romanticism: the rise of national music: Ferenc Erkel and Ferenc Liszt.

11.-12. Modern Hungarian music: Béla Bartók and Zoltán Kodály.

13.Music life in Hungary today.


a jegy/aláírás megszerzésének feltétele és módja

1/ Presentation. Students are required to prepare a 10-15-min presentation for the class (20%). Ppt or handouts are expected.

2/ Term test. It will cover the lecture material (80%).


kötelező olvasmányok (ha vannak)

Lecture notes that will be uploaded to Co-space.

ajánlott olvasmányok (ha vannak)

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