Ethnology of Religion in Hungary and Europe

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Ethnology of Religion in Hungary and Europe


Gábor Barna

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XSE021- ; YSE_BTK011-


Bálint Sándor lecture room


4 credits


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Ethnology or anthropology of religion is a rather new discipline, born at the turn of the 19th-20th centuries. As religion penetrates the whole life and culture, the fields, methods of the ethnology of religion formed out at the meeting zone of different disciplines. It investigates the religious culture in society, spiritual and material culture. It provides a survey on the history, aims, methods, sources of the discipline ethnology/anthropology of religion in Hungary in European context.


1.Concept of ethnology of religion

2. History of discipline ethnology of religion in Europe

3. History of ethnology of religion in Hungary

4. Integration role of discipline

5. Differences in rites, Central Europe – at the border of two worlds

6. Religious space

7. Religious time

8. Religious society


autumn 2018/2019


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Students should write an essay or take an exam.

Reading list

Barna, Gábor (ed.) 2004: Ethnology of Religion. Chapters from the European History of a Discipline. Budapest–Szeged

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