Contemporary American Culture and Society (BA lecture)

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Contemporary American Culture and Society (BA lecture)


Dr. Annus Iren

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Wed 8-10

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The purpose of this lecture is to familiarize students with the American people, culture and government along with various areas most influential in framing the essential notions and manners of operation particular to the US, thus to deepen the students' understanding of this country and its people. The course opens with the introduction of the country and its inhabitants. Then it discusses the development and present structure of the American federal government, its policies and field of operation. It also surveys the various areas, such as religion or the media, supposedly independent of the government but still a major force in defining American culture and identity.


1. Creating the US: Key Documents and American History 1. (Appendix)

2. Creating the US: Key Documents and American History 2. (Appendix)

3. The Country (Ch 1)

4. Inhabiting North America (Ch2)

5. The Americans society today (Ch 3)

6. The religious scene (Ch 12)

7. Social issues and services (Ch 9)

8. The federal government (Ch 4)

9. Law and justice (Ch 7)

10. Foreign policy (Ch 6)

11. The economy (Ch 8)

12. The educational system (Ch 10)

13. The media and entertainment (Ch 11)

14. Exam



Fall 2018


Requirements to get the grade

Written exam

Reading list

Mauk, David and John Oakland. American Civilization. An Introduction. London and New York: Routledge, 1995.


Suggested reading list

Campbell, Neil and A. Kean. American Cultural Studies. An Introduction to American Culture. London and New York: Routledge, 2006.

Janda, Kenneth et al. The Challenge of Democracy. Government in America. Boston:H. Mifflin. 1992.

Federmayer Eva et al. Netting America (e-book). Available through SZTE server.