Cognitive neuroscience

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Cognitive neuroscience

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Dr. Anita Must

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Institute of Psychology

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Thursday 8:15-9:45

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The course is focusing on aspects of cognitive neuropsychology and offers insight into the complex field of cognitive neuroscience. Crucial chapters of the history of neuroscience and basic principles of cognition will be discussed. The course offers guidance on neuroimaging techniques and neuropsychological testing. Aspects of human cognitive function will be presented related to the neuroanatomical background. Key cognitive aspects of adolescence, certain specific central nervous disorders and old-age will be discussed with some insight into cognitive decline in dementia.

The course is open only for Psychology students.

részletes (hetekre bontott) tematika

Introduction to the course, overview of topics and requirements, QandA session

Basic cognitive concepts and mechanisms

Neurobiological background of cognitive domains

Localization of cognitive mechanisms, neuroimaging

Measuring cognitive abilities

Aspects of social cognition

Changes in cognitive abilities over the lifespan

Cognition in clinical practice: affective disorders (major depression, bipolar disorder)

Cognition in clinical practice: schizophrenia

Cognition in clinical practice: anxiety disorders, substance abuse, etc.

Cognition in old-age, mild cognitive impairment, dementia

Cognitive aspects in neurological disorders (e.g. epilepsy, stroke, etc.)

Cognitive rehabilitation

Cognitive research methodologies


a jegy/aláírás megszerzésének feltétele és módja

Written/oral exam 50%

Classroom activity and oral presentation 50%

kötelező olvasmányok (ha vannak)

Michael S. Gazzaniga and George R. Mangun (2014) The cognitive neurosciences, fifth edition, MIT Press (relevant chapters based on class)


ajánlott olvasmányok (ha vannak)

Robert G. Frank, PhD, Mitchell Rosenthal, PhD, and Bruce Caplan, PhD (2010) Handbook of Rehabilitation Psychology, Second Edition, APA

Muriel Deutsch Lezak, Diane B. Howieson, Erin D. Bigler, and Daniel Tranel (2012) Neuropsychological Assessment, fifth edition, Oxford University Press