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Dr. Anna Fenyvesi

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Thursday 12-14

Course description

Short description

The aim of the course is to give an overview of the most important aspects of bilingualism as a societal and individual phenomenon from a variety of points of view: those of sociolinguistics, the sociology of language, language contact, language acquisition, and psycholinguistics. Class sessions will focus on aspects of bilingualism regardless of the languages in question, but, wherever possible, a greater emphasis will be placed on discussing bilingual situations involving English or Hungarian.

Homework assignments should be handed in typed.


Week 1 Overview, introductions.

Week 2 Bilingualism in the world

Reading: Grosjean (1982) Chapter 1

Homework 1: Report on linguistic minorities in Hungary; 3-4 pages (due Week 4)

Week 3 Language choice in bilingualism

Reading: Grosjean (1982) Chapter 3, pp. 113-145

Week 4 Codeswitching

Reading: Grosjean (1982) Chapter 3, pp. 145-166

Week 5 Bilingual language acquisition

Reading: Grosjean (1982) Chapter 4, pp. 167-198

Homework 2: Interview with a bilingual; 2-3 pages (due Week 7)

Week 6 Aspects of bilingualism in the child

Reading: Grosjean (1982) Chapter 4, pp. 199-227

Week 7 The psycholinguistics of bilingualism

Reading: Grosjean (1982) Chapter 5, pp. 228-257

Homework 3: Interview with parent of a bilingual child; 2-3 pages (due Week) 10


Week 8 Language modes

Reading: Grosjean (2008) Chapter 4

Week 9 The bilingual as a person

Reading: Grosjean Chapter 5, pp. 258-288

Week 10 Bilingual speech and language

Reading: Grosjean (1982) Chapter 6


Week 11 American Hungarian language use

Reading: Fenyvesi (2005)


Week 12 Meeting bilinguals

Week 13 Final exam

Week 14 Conclusion




Requirements to get the grade

- 3 homework assignments (20% each; total of 60%)

- final exam (40%)


Reading list

Fenyvesi, Anna. 2005. Hungarian in the United States. In: Fenyvesi, Anna, ed. Hungarian language contact outside Hungary: Studies on Hungarian as a minority language. Amsterdam: Benjamins, pp. 265-318. (e)

Grosjean, François. 1982. Life with two languages: An introduction to bilingualism. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.


Grosjean, François. 2008. Studying bilinguals. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (e)


Suggested reading list

Bhatia, Tej K. and William C. Ritchie, eds. The handbook of bilingualism. Oxford: Blackwell,

Harding, Edith, & Philip Riley. 1986. The bilingual family: A handbook for parents. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Milroy, Lesley, & Pieter Muysken, eds. 1995. One speaker, two languages: Cross-disciplinary perspectives on code-switching. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Romaine, Suzanne. 1989. Bilingualism. Oxford: Blackwell.