American Cultural Studies

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American Cultural Studies


Zoltán Dragon

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The lecture explores a variety of approaches to the study of American culture through its myriad of multimedial cultural outputs from literary to hypermedial, televisual to digital, and material to virtual. Through these, the course explores the formation of identities and societies through issues such as race/ethnicity, social and cultural theory, social economic class, gender and sexual orientation, and the shifting paradigms of analogue to the digital. It will also concentrate on the Americanization process and American cultural institutions and/or American cultural values, and examine, discuss and question the concepts of privilege/exceptionalism, silence/voice, urbanization/the city, civilization, market, sentiment, science, property, media, West, white and war, among many others. The lecture will follow a thematic structure instead of sticking to chronology or disciplinary boundaries. Students will proceed along with the lectures by reading the assigned web essays that are closely connected to the mandatory reading material and serve as trampolines for further critical reading.




2018/2019 I.


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Bruce Burgett and Glenn Hendler, Keywords for American Cultural Studies

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