Academic study skills – Purposeful listening, effective learning

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Academic study skills – Purposeful listening, effective learning


Dr. Bukta Katalin

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The course provides a double approach to basic study skills focusing on two major pillars of a successful student experience at the Institute: on the one hand, it will teach effective ways and strategies in which you can ensure steady and relevant vocabulary development, and, on the other hand, it will show you how to establish your own focused and detailed note-taking and listening style.

During the course we will introduce effective ways of dictionary use, basic and more advanced academic word lists and work on vocabulary building strategies. We will listen to pre-recorded authentic lectures and in-class presentations while working on note-taking skills through the identification of types of lectures, key components, major concepts and logical structures in lectures. The course is going to be very student-centered and practical in nature. Class participation will be fundamental in being successful in this course and working in small study groups will be encouraged.

The overall outcome of the course will be improved fluency, expanded vocabulary, strategic listening skills and efficient note-taking skills.



5 activities – a midterm and a final test




Requirements to get the grade

- weekly homework assignments, aka “activities” to be submitted (50%)

- mid-term exam (25%)

- final exam (25%

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