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Italian Language, Literature and Culture (MA)

This Italian Studies BA programme provides education in the field of Italian language, literature and culture, applying traditional and modern approaches, in consideration with important social and economic aspects. Both the theory and the practice prepare students to unfold a chosen topic in the frame of the final thesis, which conforms to the MA level. Graduates of the BA programme have the following career opportunities: public administration, cultural services, education, translation, interpretation, journalism, publishing, diplomacy, international relations and the tourism industry.

Level of the programme: MA

Duration of the programme: 4 semesters

Credits: 120

Registered in: EU

Specialisation: EU terminology

Who should apply?

We expect students who have a BA degree and a language certificate at C1 level; an individual interview (online) is required.

Start of the programme: February or September

Tuition fee: EUR 1900 per semester

Other fees: EUR 35 application fee and EUR 250 entrance exam fee

For more information, please contact Dr Lorenzo Marmiroli via email at: lorenzomarmiroli@gmail.com or call +36-62-544375.

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