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Spanish Language, Literature and Culture (MA)

About the program

The Master’s Program in Spanish Language, Literature and Culture aims at educating people who are interested in the language, the literature and the culture of the Hispanic world. The training is made up of three parts: apart from the subjects of general training that include introductory courses on historical romance linguistics, comparative and applied linguistics, on Hispanic literature, on the methodology of scientific investigations and on the history of the Hispanic world, the second phase of the program offers courses that give a deeper insight into the phonetics, morphosyntax and the historical grammar of the Spanish language and into the different periods and genres of the Spanish and Hispanic American literature. The differentiated professional training offers courses specialized in literature – history of the Hispanic theater, the development of the genre of the short story, Hispanic poetry, chronicles – and in culture and civilization with courses like the history of the ideas, history of the art in the Spanish-speaking world and the contemporary Hispanic world, as well as the Hungarian-Hispanic relations.

The program also focuses on learning about the different lines of investigation that appear in Hispanic Studies: developing the investigating and academic competence in the fields of language, literature and culture; being able to analyze Spanish and Hispanic American texts and documents from a historical, literary or artistic perspective; and establish relations between the Spanish and the Hispanic American cultures. The students that graduate in Hispanic Studies will have the adequate training for working in tourism, for managing cultural and international affairs and collaborating with editor houses and multinational companies.

Specialization options: specialization in Hispanic Literature and in Cultural Studies of the Hispanic World, specialization in Catalan Studies.

Level of the program: MA

Length of the program: 4 semesters

Registrated in: EU

Credits: 120

Who should apply?

We expect applicants to be interested in the cultures and peoples of the Spanish-speaking world.

Application requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Romance Studies (specialized in Spanish), a demonstrated proficiency in Spanish (level C1-advanced) and an individual interview (online).

Start of the program: September

Tuition fee: EUR 1900 per semester

Other fees: EUR 35 application fee and EUr 250 entrance exam fee

For more information about the application procedure and the program itself please contact Dr. Tibor Berta via e-mail (tberta@hist.u-szeged.hu) or call 003662544148.

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